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Asia Pacific Travel, Ltd., the owner of the website and its subsidiary country sites, e.g.,,, etc., over the years has consistently described itself as a wholesale tour operator. Since its inception, Asia Pacific Travel (APTL) has derived 80-90% of its business from travel agents.

Normally agents contact the specialists at Asia Pacific Travel when they have clients who want a custom, upscale, FIT or private small group tour to an Asian destination. APTL puts together a detailed custom itinerary for the agent's clients, booking as much or as little of the "in-country" arrangements as the agent and/or client requests. Sometimes all contact with the actual client is through the agent, and many times the experienced agent has APTL deal directly with the actual client to determine the appropriate details of the itinerary. In either case APTL's practice is to provide a net, package price to the agent who then adds whatever markup she/he considers appropriate. Occasionally, if requested by the agent, APTL can add the agent's markup to its net price, and directly quote the client a "retail" price. APTL will then forward the appropriate "commission" to the agent.

APTL highly recommends that as many of the significant components of a client's itinerary as possible be included in their custom "package". This includes hotels, key transfers, in-country air and ground transportation, sightseeing (usually with a language appropriate guide, driver and private car), and some meals. The reason for this is that then the client can know the vast majority of their costs beforehand, will have prepaid them, and will have a contact (APTL's ground operator) in-country who will be responsible if there are any problems or needed changes. This format adds some to the cost, but it provides a significantly improved level of confidence for the clients themselves that they will be well taken care of by someone based in the country. In our experience clients who have the time and money to go to Asia are more concerned about having a trouble-free travel experience than on injudiciously saving a few dollars.

Asia Pacific Travel looks forward to working with you, a fellow travel professional, to provide the best travel experience possible for your clients. If in the U.S. or Canada, please call our toll free number: 1-800-262-6420. For agents in other countries, please email us at

Asia Pacific Travel, Ltd. is a full corporate member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

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