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South Korea -> Geumgang Mountains (Kumgang) -> Hot Springs of Kumgang
Hot Springs of Kumgang    Geumgang Mountains (Kumgang), Gangwon-Do Province

The Kumgang Hot Springs is one of more enjoyable aspects of a visit to Kumgang, particularly after you have several hours hiking along one of the tour courses up into the mountains. There are separate men's and women's areas in a modern, comfortable, clean facility. There are both indoor and outdoor baths, as well as private family rooms. There is a US$12 per adult, and US$10 per student.

For information on how to visit the Kumgang Mountains from South Korea, please see the Kumgang "city page". Special tours, open to South Koreans and non-Koreans as well, have been arranged to Kumgang since November, 1998. Initial tours went by ship but now participants travel by motorcoach through the DMZ. The Kumgang area has been designated a special tourist area by North Korea such that participants do not need a normal visa (as opposed to being on a group entry/exit list).

Note that the official South Korean English-spelling of the hot springs is Geumgangsan Hot Springs

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