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South Korea -> Geumgang Mountains (Kumgang)
Geumgang Mountains (Kumgang)  
Gangwon-Do Province

Kumgang (spelled Geumgang by the South Koreans) is a mountain area in southeast North Korea, famous for its scenic beauty. At present it is no longer accessible from the North as it has been set up as a Special Tourism Zone under an exclusive agreement with the Hyundai Asan company of South Korea. This agreement began in November, 1998. Since then over 1.75 million visitors, almost all from South Korean, have visited Kumgang.

There are three main parts to Kumgang: Outer Kumgang (Oekumgang) facing the East Sea, and the seashore (Haekumgang), both open since 1998, and Inner Kumgang (Naekumgang) facing west away from the ocean and only opened to foreign tourists in 2007. Each of these areas has a choice of walking/hiking trails, scenic areas, some historic sites. Accommodations, a variety of restaurants (including a branch of the Okryukwan Restaurant from Pyongyang famous for its naengmyeon (cold noodles), a relaxing hot springs bath (separate for men and women), an amazing acrobatic show by a troupe from the Pyongyang Moranbong Acrobatic Troupe, a nightly North Korean "Folk Music" show, an 18-hole golf course (just opened in 2007), a beach, and duty-free shopping are available in the main Onjeonggak area (most at an additional charge). Other amenities include a well-stocked Family Mart, a bank, a food court and even a Kodak photo processing shop.

Please note that although individuals can visit Kumgang, it is only as part of a "group" and that you will, unless you come with your own "group", probably be in a group of South Koreans. The guide will not speak much English, although Hyundai Asan does their best to have some English speaking guides available for non-Korean visitors.

There are several tour packages available. Usually individuals and small groups leave daily on regularly scheduled buses from two designated pick-up spots in downtown Seoul at about 8:30 am taking about 4 hours to drive east through the scenic South Korean countryside to the town of Hwajinpo in the northeast. This is the staging place where tourists meet, have lunch, get their special visa documents and are assigned to different buses for the actual crossing of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) separating North and South. Everyone must go through South Korean Immigration and Customs at Donghae before reboarding their buses for the drive through the DMZ. This drive, since it is through a military zone, is done in a convoy escorted by a South Korean military jeep to the actual MDL ( Immigration and Customs

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