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South Korea -> Daegu (Taegu) -> Mt. Palgongsan
Mt. Palgongsan    Daegu (Taegu), Daegu Municipality

Just a few minutes north of Daegu, Palgongsan is a picturesque, peaceful mountain with clear, refreshing streams. It was considered one of the five sacred mountains during the Silla dynasty and pilgrimages were often made to temples in order to present giftss to Buddha.

The largest of these temples is the Donghwasa Temple, where Korean Buddhists still come to pray and to lay offerings at the foot of a giant granite Buddha.

Following a trail deep up the mountain from the Donghwasa Temple sits Gatbawi, a 1,000-year-old curing Buddha. He is believed to have medicinal powers and Buddhists believers are often seen praying for the health of family and friends.

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