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Daegu (Taegu)  
Daegu Municipality

Famous in Asia for their apples, Daegu is the capital of the Gyeongsangbuk Province and is an agricultural rich industrial center. It is South Korea’s third largest city and is surrounded by mountains-Palgongsan to the north, Biseulsan to the south, and Gayasan to the West.

In 2002 Daegu co-hosted the FIFA World Cup soccer game in a new stadium built just for the event. Here is a place where the old has learned to coexist with the new. It is big enough and modern enough to have nice hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and factories but is small enough that it is not a sprawling metropolis. The mountains are not obscured by high rises and pedestrians rather than cars are more prevalent in the streets.

Daegu is also home to over 300 Traditional Chinese medicine clinics and “Medicine Alley,” (Yakjeon Golmok in Korean) which is full of people selling exotic and strange herbs promising healing and strength from woven mats and wooden boxes. Daegu is an eccentric and fascinating mix of factories, herbal medicines, fertile fields, enjoyable bars, and temples.

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