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Cheonggyecheon Stream    SEOUL, Seoul Municipality

Cheonggyecheon Stream was made by King Yeongjo 600 years ago to create a straight channel into the Han River. Following the Korean War Cheonggyecheon became polluted and the area around it became decimated and shanty.

In the1960s, the stream was paved over to create a highway and to clear the city of slums. As the area developed, modern commercial facilities were constructed in the area.

In July of 2003, a project to create a more beautiful, environmentally viable Seoul began. After years of neglect and pollution, the stream had dried and immense work went to restore Cheonggyecheon. On October 1, 2005, a clear, blue stream was revealed to the public and is now bustling with beautifully illuminated fountains, people jogging and exercising, and it home to the world’s largest ceramic painting as well as the world’s largest ceramic tile wall. The ceramic tile wall, called the Wall of Hope, decorates both sides of the stream. It expresses the sorrow and grief over the North-South division of Korea. The wall displays tiles of 20,000 South Koreans, North Koreans, and overseas Koreans who hope for national unity and reunification.

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