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South Gate    Kaesong (Gaeseong), Hamgyongnam-Do Province

Located in the Pugan-dong area of Kaesong is the old Nam Gate, or south gate. It was originally built between 1391 and 1393 during construction of the inner fort of the walled city of Kaesong. It was one of the original seven gates of the inner fort and is now the only one remaining.

The pavilion atop the gate holds the bell from the Yonbok Temple which was cast in 1346. The bell was moved to the gate tower after the temple was burnt down in 1563. It tolled the hour for the people of Kaesong until early in the 1900s. The bell measures 10.8 ft./3.3 m. high by 6.2 ft./1.9 m. in diameter and weighs 14 tons. It is said the bell could be heard 25 mi./40 km. away.

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