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Koryo Museum    Kaesong (Gaeseong), Hamgyongnam-Do Province

The Koryo Museum is located 1.5 mi./2 km. northeast of central Kaesong in the Songgyungwan complex of buildings. Songgyungwan was the central institute of education in the Koryo dynasty (918 AD-1392 AD.) First erected in 992 AD as Kukjagan, it was later renamed Songgyungwan in 1308. Songgyungwan consisted of over 20 buildings within a walled compound. Today 12 main buildings and 6 auxiliary buildings show the typical features of a Confucian educational institution of that period. In addition to being the highest educational institution in Koryo, teaching Confucian doctrine to the children of nobility to become officials in the Koryo government, it also was the center of Confucian rites for noted Confucians.

The museum exhibits more than 1,000 relics from the Koryo period. Included in the exhibits are pieces of metal type, the first of its kind in the world, invented by the Koryo people. There are exhibits showing the astronomical skills of the Koryo as well as their mastery of beautiful celadon pottery production.

The present buildings, built in 1602, replaced ones burned down in 1592 during the Imjim Patriotic War.

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