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Tumuli Park    Gyeongju (Kyungju), Gyeongsangbuk-Do Province

Tumuli Park, or “tomb park,” is a fascinating 37-acre national museum consisting of some 23 tombs from the Silla era. Many priceless artifacts and relics of historical significance have been found in the park.

The largest of the tombs is the resting place of King Michu. Unlike Western tombs, Korean tombs are marked by large mounds of dirt, creating a sort of tiny hill on top of the burial site.

The most famous gravesite is called Cheonmachong, or “Heavenly Tomb.” It measures 164ft in diameter and 42ft in height. Within the burial chamber, archaeologists have found numerous treasures, including jade tiger claw earrings and a gold crown embellished with jade tiger claws.

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